4 Things To Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is something many people have the wrong impression about. Despite its name, this type of massage isn’t solely about orgasming. Of course, you’ll get plenty of pleasure and unforgettable moments. However, having the wrong expectations can hinder your experience. Erotic massage is a way to relax, have fun, enjoy your time, watch a beautiful and naked expert at work, and solve some of your physical and mental problems. It’s not simply a way of achieving an orgasm. If you don’t have a good idea of what an erotic massage really is, you need to learn a few points. This type of massage involves a beautiful and often naked masseur touching your bare body parts with her hands, fingers, feet, and body.

You’ll experience a myriad of sensations, which can eventually lead to a happy ending. The best part about the erotic massage is that it can last for a pretty long time, keeping you at the brink of an orgasm. It’s a way to combine relaxation, intensity, and pleasure. Not a way to climax and go home. For that, you can find other types of services. Happy ending massage Manhattan is more than just a quickie with a pretty girl. It’s an art, which requires special preparation, experience, and approach. Here are a few things you must know before getting such a massage.

It’s Not All About Climaxing

A climax is a logical ending of the majority of erotic massages, from Nuru to body-to-body options. However, it’s not the end you should be trying to achieve ASAP. An erotic massages works on your body and mind.

You will achieve physical and mental satisfaction, which can last for hours. When you are lying naked on the table, surrendering yourself to an experienced masseur, you have to be ready to relieve the sexual and physical tension you never knew you had. If you are coming in for the massage simply to climax, you are robbing yourself of a truly amazing experience. Of course, you can achieve a happy ending quickly, but do you really need to pay for a massage to do that? Get ready to dive into the sea of erotic experiences, which are bound to bring you new sensations and discoveries.

Learn How To Control Your Breath

Erotic massage masters know how to bring you to the brink of pleasure for up to a dozen times during one session. If you don’t know how to control your breath, your happy ending will come too quickly. The key to enjoying an erotic massage in full is controlling yourself and your body. Even if you have huge pent up sexual frustration, you can keep it at bay by allowing yourself to relax. Breathe slowly and make pauses. In fact, you can practice relaxation yoga breathing techniques. Breathe in while counting to four and breathe out while counting to five.

When you feel as if you can’t control your body anymore, increase the counts. The faster you breathe, the faster you’ orgasm. Experienced masseurs see what your sexual tension is all about the moment they start the massage. So they’ll adjust their techniques to your needs. However, you have to help a little as well.

Don’t Forget To Take a Shower

Just because you are paying for a massage, it doesn’t mean a masseur is obligated to smell your dirty body. Be respectful to the specialist, who is offering you a unique type of service (yes, if the masseur is a true master, you get a unique experience every time). Take a shower before the massage. Respectable salons are equipped with special bathrooms to make you comfortable. Ideally, you should take a shower right before the massage. You may be surprised, but cleansing your body can add an extra level of pleasure to the erotic massage experience. Remember, masseurs often use massage oils. Lathering them over a sweaty body may make you feel uncomfortable, reducing the pleasure.

Don’t Act As if Masseurs Are Prostitutes

Some people fail to see the difference between erotic massage experts and prostitutes. So they start treating masseurs as call girls. This is not the case. A masseur is a specialist, who goes through rigorous training to bring you a truly unforgettable experience. If you want sex, you can get a call girl. If you want relaxation and utter satisfaction, you choose erotic massage. If you start acting impolite, the masseur has the right to stop the massage and show you where the door is. You are unlikely to get your money back either.


Now you have all the necessary information to enjoy your next session of erotic massage to its fullest extent. Don’t forget to take a shower, treat the masseur duly, control your breath, and get ready for an amazing experience. Good luck!