Answers To Your 5 Questions About Your First Erotic Massage 

You’ve heard so much about erotic massages that you can’t wait to get one? You must have a million questions. Many people avoid such massages because they just don’t know what to expect. Meanwhile, opting out of such an amazing experience is downright unfortunate.
Be it a slippery Nuru massage or a happy ending massage New York, you must try them at least a couple of times. Everyone, bold enough to buy an erotic massage session at a high-quality salon, remembers it for a lifetime.
If you are worried about clean facilities, your reputation, the beauty of the girls or the intensity of the experience, we can answer your questions in this simple guide. Erotic massage is pleasurable. Anyone over 18 can get it and go beyond satisfaction in under an hour.
1. Where Do I Find A Massage Parlor?
Now that you are all ready to get a massage, where do you get it? You can find erotic massage parlors virtually everywhere. Due to some restrictions, they don’t usually advertise themselves on billboards or in magazines. However, searching for the salons online brings you a huge choice of them in the city near you.
If you live or work in downtown, you are probably walking by a massage salon on a daily basis without knowing it’s there. In order to discover what’s going on behind a seemingly simple façade, you need to make an appointment.
Since getting such a massage is not something people would like others to know about, a discreet approach is everything
Researching erotic massage salons can be tough due to the lack of reviews. So you can browse the websites, find the girls you like best and then visit the parlor in order to get an impression of the interior.
Advertising can leave salons without clients. So it’s up to you to do some Googling work.
Since it’s so tough to discover a salon, you can be sure your privacy is well-maintained. When you book an appointment, the parlors don’t keep any recordings of phone conversations or even appointment books. Besides, you can always use a pseudonym.
2. Can I Choose A Masseur?
All respectable salons give you a choice of masseurs to work with. When ordering happy ending massage New York or similar type of erotic services, you have to be sure you like the girls offering them.
Many salons have photos of their masseurs available on the website. This way you can check them out before coming into the parlor.
Even better, you can make a choice on the spot. It’s an exciting experience to look at several girls and make a decision, which one is better.
In a respectable parlor, all masseurs have experience and hone their skills on a regular basis. So the only criteria you’ll be choosing them by is their appearance.
If you can’t choose between two of the best girls, some salons offer four-hand massage services.
3. Do I Need To Prepare In Some Way?
It’s totally ok to be a little shy when getting a massage for the first time. Masseurs know how nervous first-time clients can be and work hard to relax you in the first couple of minutes.
The only thing you should do before coming in for an erotic massage is to take a shower. While a masseur may still agree to work with a dirty body, it’s downright disrespectful.
Besides, erotic massage often involves using oils. Spreading them over a sweaty body can make you feel terribly dirty and steal many pleasurable moments from your massage session.
Another thing you should do is make an appointment. Many salons aren’t ready to accept people 24/7.
In order to keep your session discreet and private while offering you a choice of masseurs, the salon needs to know when you are coming. Be polite, and call in advance.
4. How Does The Massage Go?
Once you undress and get on the massage table, a masseur starts with a light non-erotic massage. She works to relax your muscles and invigorate your body. In order to experience full satisfaction from an erotic massage, your body needs some prep work.
You get a professional full body massage as part of the package. The first part of the massage isn’t aimed at arousal. Try to breathe deeply and relax.
Then the erotic part starts. The masseur will touch your body in arousing ways, helping you discover erogenous zones you never knew about before. You’ll be on the brink of orgasm many times before achieving a happy ending.
5. Does Erotic Massage Involve Sex?
This is the most common question people ask about erotic massages. No, erotic massage doesn’t mean sexual services. If you opt for a happy ending massage, a girl will bring you to an orgasm with a hand job.
If you are after sexual services, you need to choose a full-service massage.